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We are a bunch of movie lovers. All of us are very passionate about movies and love sharing interesting trivia we know about movies. We noticed that there was a lack of good websites where users can read up about interesting facts about movies. The best website we found was IMDB

However we were disappointed with the quality of the trivia displayed by all movie sites. Some of them were inaccurate and also boring. We decided to fix it by creating a site dedicated to display interesting trivia about movies

The purpose of the MoviePedia is to provide the trivia collected through research. Click Browse to view the collection of movies. If you have any suggestions, you can contact us by submitting the contact form. We value all suggestions and we try to address every issue.

We strive to maintain the largest and most accurate collection of movie trivia in the world. This is a community effort and we welcome trivia submissions from everyone. Please read and enjoy our collection


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